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Android or iOS App which is best for Startup?

iOS AppThere has always been a debate over Android and iOS App. This debate goes on over a wide scale and also in a startup company to which platform should be selected so that the app becomes successful. When seen on an average user mostly use a device for about a year or little more but the most active time are only the first few months. The selection of platform completely depends on factors like what crowd is been focused, what is the budget and what is really needed from the application.

The general purpose, behavioral, features, and targeted preference is a major factor which is considered. Everyone likes to have something new always in the app.

Android although is a step ahead in development but most of the devices are way behind in time and hardware of these devices are not compatible with the latest Android operating systems. But iOS device is upgradable to the latest system upgrade. iOS has lesser users but spend more time using the device and in the case of Android there are too many devices and users but don’t spend much time using the device.

The amount of resource actually matters if your tight on budget with limited resources you cannot really get into engaging with huge Android app development process. Going with iOS app development makes it a smarter move as there are pre-build interface and very little device range to run on. Android takes a lot of money and time to develop. iOS is better option to select if you have a limited budget.

All this conclude to a result that Android market large but an iOS app can help you in generating revenue. Apple users tend to spend too much compared to other users. Most of the apps on Apple store are paid and users buy them to get the access. But when compared to the audience on Google play store the number is far more than Apple store users.

Depending upon the use and targeted audience mobile app development should be considered. Contact Us now or drop us a mail to get your app developed. We are one of the leading Android and iOS app developers based in Pune know for developing a refined and interactive application for all needs.

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