Material vs Flat design; Which one you should use

By | April 8, 2017
Material vs Flat design

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Material vs Flat design

Flat design and material design have been always in the debate which one is better. There is a difference which could be observed having a closer look. We will see how these two differ from each other and point down pros and cons which could clear out doubts.

Flat and Material design have to timeline after a long period in mobile application development. Before this, the design approach was different which playing around with light and color. The digital world has changed phone earlier had a small display now smartphone have a larger display and screen. Designing the UI also makes a difference now to make it look impressive.

Now the UI has changed a lot. It is more refined and smooth. People like to use simple yet good looking things. When all this is considered Material and Flat design has its own debate.

Flat Design

Flat design has been implemented for both innovation and making mobile environment user-friendly. This design can be used by both high-end as well as low-end devices. But this design will look good on small screen and not on big display. Only the user experience is changed performance remains the same.

Material Design

The material design was brought by Google and it has changed a lot. The mainstream design has been changed. The main idea behind the material design was to have the same platform and would look the same no matter what the display size of the smartphone has to adapt. There are may smartphone operating in the market today there was a need to keep some common feature between everything so the material design was introduced. The 3rd-dimensional approach had made the look good and performance smooth.

So which one is better?

The design flow has been changing from over the time. It seems it’s going on getting better and better as days are passing by.
Material design is the best you can use now as it has bypassed all the design flow. The design flow, looks and the way it operates makes material design way better than the flat design.


Flat and material design are the solution to same UI problem. But the Flat design was starting off building contemporary UI. In coming years we will see more of the material design and eventually this will also evolve to something new and better.

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