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Native vs hybrid app development

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An application developer knows well about these two concepts ( Native vs hybrid app development ).  A non-technical person and want to develop an app for your business or organisation it becomes a difficult choice whether to take hybrid or native app development idea. This topic will be clearly explained in this blog: Native vs hybrid app development.

Native Application:

A native application is an app which is developed specifically for a particular mobile operating system. This type of app has been developed within an ecosystem which is followed by user experience and technical guidelines of a particular operating system. These native apps behave and work perfectly with the os and system. The user is seen to be using only those apps which work perfectly and have an efficient performance. These native apps easily accessible and most of the apps which are built in the phone are native apps as they come preloaded with the device. Basically, native apps are those apps which are built according to the device, its os and users guidelines.

Hybrid Application:

Hybrid application is basically a web app that is built using JavaScript and HTML5, these are then wrapped into a native container and published. These apps appear and feel like a native app, but are beyond the framework of app. These apps can load most of the information on the page as the user navigates through the app.

These may be some of the basics questions you need to ask to get the right answer.

Do you wish to use native features in the Mobile app?

If your app will be using many features of the native app and this is your primary need, then native app development will work best. If your app needs to access native feature of a device like Camera, Contacts, SMS, Hardware Device Buttons, Map, Push Notification. Building native app would be a good option. But this doesn’t mean hybrid apps cannot access these features some of these features can be used in a hybrid app by pulling some native components.

Is it time to market?

When a company decide to build a mobile app, they are trying to get up in a market or catching up with their competitors, or have identified a business opportunity in this market. These companies need apps very soon in the market and often compromise on many things. In such cases, both hybrid and native app do a perfect job but if a company wishes to wait for some time native apps make a good approach and sense as these apps are high in performance, security and user experience.

Budget matters?

If you have a good budget and some time we would suggest to go with native development. Due to many available resources developing native app has become easy.

Good user experience?

Native apps win the war in performance. These apps are faster and reliable than hybrid application. These apps have a seamless experience and have instant loading capability. But a hybrid app has only a wrapper that is downloaded with most of the data being loaded from the server.Native vs hybrid app development.

Best time to use the hybrid app:

If you have a very less time and want to develop an app, these apps are limited to private market and limited scale than hybrid would be a good option. If this hybrid app does well then you can switch to a native app and if the app doesn’t work out they way you thought so. You could have probably saved a lot of money and time.

So by now you might have got the answer of what type of app you need to develop. Native vs hybrid app development. we are best in doing both. Get in touch with us today to get your app ready for business.

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