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Page Rank what is it all about?

Page RankPage Rank

An algorithm used by Google to rank websites is called Page Rank. It is a value given to a website which gives page rank of 0 to 10 on basis of different factors.


A website which has higher page rank will be in higher in demand and will get more traffic. It will be the first web page to be displayed when searched for any particular topic. Your website page rank indirectly gets you more advertisers and the rate of adds will also go up.


There are multiple tools in the market which check the page rank of different websites. The very famous websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter always rank in top 10.

Ways to Increase Page Rank

SEO( Search Engine Optimization ). This can really help any website to rank and get into the top list. SEO can be used to optimize the website and make them get more traffic. SEO also makes site recognized and indexed properly.

The website should be search engine friendly. Building backlink also helps the website to rank.

Content plays a major role. It is god for everything. A unique and attractive content gets more people to view websites.

Submitting website to the directory and commenting on different blogs help the website to grow.

Social Media Marketing can also help small as well as a big business looking to reach a large customer base can use this medium. The more you interact with the customer and deliver satisfactory product and services builds up your presence in the market. SMM if used properly can make the business grow and make a remarkable success.

Writing technical as well as informative blogs which direct to your business and services can help you in growing business.

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