Just doing on-page optimization is not enough because google crawlers will also look for various off-page factors. Even if your content is highly optimized still you might fail to rank on google’s search engine if you don’t do Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is a very important part of increasing your rank on SERP of google and bing. Off-Page SEO is all about doing things outside your website. It not only helps to increase trust among the google crawlers but it is very much necessary to have backlinks from the qualitative linking sites. 5 Google crawlers will not hesitate to downgrade your website’s ranking if they found out that the link is coming from a bad site. Hence, we at Eclatsol take utmost care in the backlinking work of your website. We are the best digital marketing agency in Pune having a well-researched database of high D.A & P.A bookmarking sites, directory submission sites, local submission sites, article submission sites and more from where qualitative backlinks can be linked-to your website. Our Backlink research team has a consistency of being updated regarding high domain authority and page authority sites.